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 Lets meet xXNubCakeXx

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PostSubject: Lets meet xXNubCakeXx   Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:44 am

Hi I'm xXNubCakeXx

I'm one of 3 co-founders of Obliviate. I would go on and write a paragraph about myself, but as you will learn, i suck at literature (Just used spell check). So imma do this the 5 grade way tongue

About Keith


- Loves football Go Eagle / Falcons

- Favorite food: Spaghetti

- I'm soon to be 21 this Friday Laughing

- Birthday is Dec. 16 1990, feel free to give me gifts i dont mind

- Been Playing Flyff since V7 . I think i was 15 or 16 years old! Or years young!

- I Live on the eastern coast of the USA. Gerogia FTW!

- I would LOVE to for you to Introduce your self.

About xXNubCakeXx

- Lvl 141 Slayer atm king

- Created THIS char in v12-14?

- Been in every guild Ben[Meign] has been in.

- My Build is simple, xxx STR | 15 STA | 15 DEX | 15 INT

- Not good at pvp | And hates it too.

If you wanna know anything else or have any questions, Don't ask or i'll be very upset.

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Lets meet xXNubCakeXx
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