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PostSubject: xXNubCakeXx Non-Flyff Videos    xXNubCakeXx Non-Flyff Videos  EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 2:06 am

Just wanna start out and say I LOVE music! I listen to ANY and EVERY thing +-
So imma start posting random music vids of music that I like. Feel free to reply with a song that YOU like I love you

The song below mean ALOT to me! It's not just a good song, but its something i can relate to ALOT =[ .
The lyrics in the end of the second verse describes me word for word.'I seen so many places I thought I'd never see, All the way from California to as far as you can go East.An all that stuff it makes you feel real good, but not near as good As flyin' down a backroad, with some buddies from back home.'
With that being sayd, anything can make u feel real good, but not near as good as being back home just riding those back roads with a friend.

xXNubCakeXx Non-Flyff Videos  123_ke10
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xXNubCakeXx Non-Flyff Videos
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