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 Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce)

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Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce) Empty
PostSubject: Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce)   Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce) EmptyTue Dec 13, 2011 4:57 pm

Hiie Hiie! I'm Tiffany, and My husbands name is Marcus....Here's alittle about us! Very Happy

Marcus and Tiffany

Marcus: 27 August 28, 1984
Tiffany: 25 April 29, 1986

Kids: Kaven, Allison, and RaeLynne

Where: Portland Oregon

Tiffany: I have played flyff since v4. I'm an oldy but a goody Wink
Marcus: I have played flyff for about 2 years now, Tiff got me hooked.

Tiffany: TiffanyHope Aoe Hero Blade
Marcus: Hero Ringmaster

Tiffany: I absolutely LOVE to cook, and bake. I enjoy reading (stephen king, dean koontz, james patterson) I love to write poetry, and to shop. I enjoy texting, and playing flyff. spending time with my kids, and watching them grow. I also have a doggie her name is Marni, shes an apple head chihuahua, and I adore her <3

Marcus: I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, and playing basketball with my son. Of course, playing flyff. Having a good time, and hanging out with friends.

Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce) 5vdlon

Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce) 293ylnk

~If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell can't handle me at my best~
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Tiffany Hope & Marcus (Mr. and Mrs Bruce)
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