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 Who's Meign???

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Who's Meign??? Empty
PostSubject: Who's Meign???   Who's Meign??? EmptyTue Dec 13, 2011 3:42 pm

Hi everybody. My name is Ben(IGN Meign).

FlyFF Related Description

-I have played FlyFF on and off for about 6 years or so.

-I have a Level 97 Master Psykeeper (Meign), a Level 108 Blade (Gr0gger), and other characters that i have used for fillers and such.

-In every guild I have been in, Keith (xXNubCakeXx) has been there.

-I am very active as long as I'm not in school

-I am always there to help people if they need it whether it is using Equipment or just questions about the game itself

Real Life Description

-My name is Ben

-I am 15 years old

-I live on the East Coast of USA

-I am in the 10th grade of High School, So i am not on during the day, But i am on after almost everyday.


If you have any questions about me or the game/Or if you need any help in game feel free to ask me on the forum or in game

Just for the record this post of mine is way more pro than Keith's

Who's Meign??? Benfro10
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Who's Meign???
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