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 MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards

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PostSubject: MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards   MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards EmptyWed Dec 14, 2011 4:13 pm

MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards Mmositereadrawards01

Greetings Flyffers!

It is our pleasure to announce that the 2011 MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards are underway and Flyff has been nominated for a whopping 6 categories!

Best Community
Most Classic MMO
Favorite MMORPG
Best Gameplay
Best Music

With that said, Flyff needs YOU to go on and vote for any or all of the categories! How do you vote?

1. Go to the Reader's Choice Awards event page.
2. Choose a category.
3. Click "View Game List" under each category, you will see all candidate games of this category.
4. Move your mouse over a game, you will see its details. Click Video \ Screenshots \ Feature button, you can see more information about this game.
5. If you like this game, please click "Vote" under the game image to vote for it. You can vote for a game without logging into MMOsite.
6. If you didn't login, after voting, you will get a popup message.
Click "Yes", you will be directed to the login page. Click "No, thanks!", you will go back to your current page.
7. If you login to vote for a game, you will get a popup message saying "Vote successfully! Thank you for your participation!". You will have a chance to get 1 MMOGold after voting as reward.
Please note that each IP is only allowed to vote three times in each category per day. And you can get 15 MMOGold at most in this event.

Sound simple enough? Good. Remember, you can actually vote multiple times for this event! You get 3 votes per day under a single IP, and you add to the vote count every time you do!

I've also got a personal promise to you all by the way as I'd like nothing more than for Flyff to win in at least one or all of the categories we've been nominated for.

In the event that Flyff amasses 50,000 votes in any single one of the categories, we'll throw a weekend EXP event for you shortly after the results are tallied and the winners are announced. (The event officially ends mid January and we'll host your EXP event sometime towards the end of January or early February.) Here's the special caveat though Wink

If Flyff gets 50,000 votes in any single one of those categories, we'll host a 1.5x Exp event.
If Flyff wins in any single category, we'll host a 2x EXP event.
If Flyff wins in 2 categories, we'll host a 3x exp event.
If Flyff wins in 3 categories, we'll host a 3.5x Exp event.
If Flyff wins in 4 categories, we'll host a 4x Exp event.
If Flyff wins in 5 categories, we'll host a 5x Exp event.
If Flyff wins in 6 categories, we'll host a 6x Exp event.

For any and all of those exp events, the "weekend" will include a Friday, resulting in 3 days of juicy exp!

Once again this is my personal promise to you all, I really do believe you Flyffers are more than capable of getting the votes to win one if not all of those categories! This is for you to win, and at the very least, the titles of Best Community belongs to you guys and gals Wink

So, enough yapping, come on Flyff, let's bring that award home!

MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards 293ylnk

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MMOSite Reader's Choice Awards
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