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 Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat

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Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat Empty
PostSubject: Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat   Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat EmptyWed Dec 14, 2011 2:55 pm

Hey guys! I know some of you guys know how talk in colors but this goes out to those who dont.

These codes can be use in regular chat / shout / guildchat / Guild notice box / private messages and mail

Example Yellow code = $iaaffff00$ni00000000 youtypewhateveryouwanthere

Now in the Code the first aa in the begging represents the transparency of the colors its best to leave it with aa so when you shout it comes out bold and solid.

Now the ffff00 is the actually code for the color. Remember if you find any color codes online make sure you put them in lower case because the color is not as dark and can be seen better.

The remainder of the code is to complete the process. Remember there is 8 zeros after the $ni at the end

A list of a few color codes. For more codes go here

$iaaffff00$ni00000000 = Yellow
$iaa0000ff$ni00000000 = Blue
$iaaff0000$ni00000000 = Red
$iaaffa500$ni00000000 = Orange
$iaa008000$ni00000000 = Green
$iaaff69b4$ni00000000 = Hotpink

Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat 123_ke10
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Color Shout/Chat/GuildChat
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